Ieva Ozolina with docomentary "Solving My Mother" won de IDFA Special Jury Award for First Appearance in memory of Peter Wintonick.

The camera, recording as an omnipresent, invisible presence, exposes these crippled relations in long drawnout scenes. We witness Raitis's painful attempts to get closer to women and an awkward direct confrontation with his father, as well as a tragic attempt at celebrating Easter with his mother, brother and grandfather. The ease with which he can do complex sums in his head contrasts starkly with the difficulties Raitis experiences in his relationships. The extremely intimate footage becomes ever more excruciating, as it almost heartlessly exposes how a motherson relationship that was destructive to start with deteriorates even further.


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Madara Melberga – producer

Laura Olina - production manager/ office manager

Juris Poškus –director