24 hr Sunshine

Writer, director: Juris Poskus
Producer: Madara Melberga

DOP: Martin J Edelsteen
Main cast: Andris Keiss, Kristine Kruze-Hermane, Julia Volkova, Trond Halbo, Jeppe Beck Laursen, Vlad Ketkovich


Tragicomedy about midlife crisis and masculine ego

A self-made businessman, Martin has reached his dream - high comfort and nice family, but when his 40th birthday comes up, he starts to question himself – is that really all? After an argument with his girlfriend Martin joins a motley crew of tourists heading to the North Pole. Stuck in a remote village in Russian Arctic due to the “bad weather’, Martin starts a half-hearted relationship with Olga, a local tour guide. Far away from everyday routine, Martin starts to contemplate the idea of never coming back.

in production

100 min