Kolka Cool
Cast: Iveta Pole, Artuss Kaimins, Andris Keishs, Varis Pinkis, Aigars Apinis, Guna Zarina, Mara Kimele, Liga Vitina, Agnese Civle

Director: Juris Poskus
Scriptwriter: Juris Poskus
Additional writing: Alexandr Rodionov
Director of Photography: Aadel Nodeh-Farahani
Production design: Ilva Klavina
Costumes: Ginta Tinte
Sound: Ernests Ansons

Producer: Madara Melberga
Co-producer: Milos Lochman
Associate producers: Inessa Soboleva, Guntars Laucis
Line producers: Ilze Eglite, Lasma Pintere


Kolka is a  small fisherman village on the Baltic coast. Being almost thirty but still living with their mothers, three friends spend their days drinking beer, killing time and picking up fights with the neighboring village.
One of them, Andzha, is about to get married. Being busy with "settling his life", he doesn't notice that his fiance Simona starts to doubt her feelings. When his elder brother Guido returns from the sea, the brothers now have to adapt again to living under one roof. Meanwhile his marriage plans fail. The brothers overcome their anatgonism when they dicover their illusions about their up-coming marriage and women in general.
Taking the form of the comedy of manners, the films aims to portray life as a series of unrelated events, where proagonists see the quest for romantic love as a source for meaning to the lives.
Saint Petersburg
Grand Prix 2012
Latvian National Film Festival 
Lielais Kristaps
Best supporting actor 
Latvian National Film Festival
Lielais Kristaps
Best actress
Latvian National Film Festival
Lielais Kristaps
Best editing
22. Film Festival Cottbus 
Premiere December 2011