My Mother the State
Director and screenwriter : Ieva Ozoliņa
Producer: Madara Melberga
Coproducer:  Larus Jonsson
Production manager: Laura Olina, Halldór Hilmisson
Cinematographer: Marcis Slavinskis
Editor: Jurgis Locmelis
Music : Mikael Lind

A moving story about the search for belonging and family lost in adoption.

Una was the first person who used the change in Latvian Law to find her sister, lost in the process of adoption. Breaking through bureaucratic jungle she suddenly discovers that she has not only one but four sisters, all adopted and scattered around the world. The search for them becomes her mission that takes her to Europe, Russia and US.
She translates her call in 32 languages and posts it across the world. The almost impossible task is helped by media, friends, courage and  persistence.
In post-production
77 min