Directed by Juris Poskus

24 HR Sunshine

in production



Tragicomedy about midlife crisis and masculine ego.

A self-made businessman, Martin has reached his dream - high comfort and nice family, but when his 40th birthday comes up, he starts to question himself – is that really all? After an argument with his girlfriend Martin joins a motley crew of tourists heading to the North Pole. Stuck in a remote village in Russian Arctics due to the “bad weather’, Martin starts a half-hearted relationship with Olga, a local tour guide. Far away from everyday routine, Martin starts to contemplate the idea of never coming back.




FA Filma is a Latvian film production company, producing feature films and documentaries with artistic merit, lately focusing on co-productions. Our films have won numerous festival awards and were distributed internationally.
We also provide full spectrum of production service for films, commercials and music videos   in Latvia and the neighboring countries. During your production in Latvia  FA Filma will secure you effective solutions and internationally experienced English-speaking crews, professional camera, light and grip equipment and sound stages. Creatively we can offer script consulting and editing.

Madara Melberga – producer

Laura Olina - production manager/ office manager

Juris Poškus –director